Sangeeta Vyas
Sangeeta Vyas is born and brought up in the Nawabi town of Lucknow which has always been a center of cultural activities. The very first sound she heard was the singing of her father, who is a famous classical singer in Lucknow.news papers like \"The Pioneer\", \"The Chandigarh Tribune\", \"Maharashtra Times, Pune\" and \"Gangtok Times\" etc. In Mumbai, she has been translating scripts from English to Hindi for various channels like \"Disney Channel\", \"Cartoon Network\", \"History Channel\", \"Discovery Channel\", \"Animal Planet\", \"Star Gold\" and \"Sahara Filmy\" etc. She has written a musical programme \"Chaandni Raatein\" for 9X channel. And now she has written a song \"Yaadon Ke Samandar\" too for her album.